Why Lily Pads Won’t Leave

Why Lily Pads Won’t Leave

Why Lily Pads Won’t Leave
(And how to make them go away for good)

We see a lot of gizmos claim to get rid of lilies; lake rakes, weed razors, lily cutters, lily rakes — and even something called a “root ripper?” For waterfronts that are infested with invasive lily pads, it’s a never-ending battle. They seem to grow back just as fast, and usually more of them. Here’s why slicing off lily pads, or “rippin’ roots” doesn’t work.

Lilies have larges roots called “rhizomes” that grow horizontally under your lakebed. The rhizomes randomly send out lateral shoots creating a haphazard network of roots that spread out over increasingly larger areas. As long as the roots remain, your lilies return.

This complex root system is where lilies store their food (as carbohydrates). And they store up a lot of food. Cutting lily stems signals the roots to send more energy to repair the damaged area. This encourages more and faster growth.

The “roots” of the problem

1. You have to get all the roots.
The complex root system spreads out in all directions. Any remaining root fragments will survive… and your lilies return.

2. Cutting out lily roots is hard work.
Lily roots can grow up to two feet in diameter and up to 10 feet long in random directions — imagine trying to pull them all out. It’s nearly impossible to cut and remove all the roots.

3. Lily roots store a lot of emergency fuel.
Carbohydrates, stored in the roots, supply lilies with the fuel they need to grow and repair cells. It takes time to deplete their excess energy stores. This is why lilies are so hard to get rid of.

A much better solution: LilyHammer™ by LakeMat®

Fortunately, we have a far more effective and environmentally friendly, guaranteed solution. Our patented design blocks sunlight, which prevents photosynthesis.

Lilies are resilient, it takes time to exhaust their energy stores. Depriving them of sunlight for 8 to 10 weeks during the growing season, eliminates them. Once their fuel is gone, the lilies are gone.

All our mats (LakeMats, MuckMats, Boatlift Mats) eradicate lilies, but the LilyHammer™ is made specifically for controlling lilies. It’s smaller and easier to move, doesn’t absorb water, you can compress thick patches of lilies by adding weights — and you can walk on LilyHammers without sinking in muck.

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