Want to buy some lake weed killer?

Want to buy some lake weed killer?


Here’s the “disclaimer” on the label of a well known aquatic herbicide.

Actual Aquatic Herbicide Warranty Disclaimer*


The “manufacturer,” doesn’t guarantee anything. Nothing. Nada. 

It’s puzzling why it mentions “crop injury” and “crop conditions,” on an “aquatic” herbicide, isn’t it? Maybe their legal department figured it’s a “one size fits all” kinda disclaimer or something…

There are lots of do-it-yourselfers, looking to save some dough and kill off your pesky lake weeds.

You’ll spend at least $2,000 over ten years, doing it yourself, (with no guarantee)

Or you could get a Large LakeMat Pro for $399, with a  full 10-year, 100% guarantee.

If you need to control large areas of aquatic weeds, have professionals do the work. Yes, it will cost more than doing it yourself, but applying aquatic chemicals involves knowing what to use, when to use it, and how to apply it.

  • Who reads aquatic herbicide warning labels? I do. They all guarantee essentially nothing, other than maybe irreversible eye damage and the stuff will kill you if you eat it.




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