The Art of War on Muck and Lake Weeds

The Art of War on Muck and Lake Weeds

In our endless struggle with muck and lake weeds, let us turn to the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu for guidance. 

Sun Tzu was a general, military strategist and philosopher in the fifth century B.C. He never lost a war, nor even a battle, in his 40-year career. Today, all over the world Sun Tzu is studied in war collages and MBA courses alike. His lessons give direction to all areas of human experience, including your war with muck and lake weeds.

So how might Sun Tzu’s insights be applied in your war on weeds? 

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

You’ve probably spent a lot of time battling your enemies: lake weeds and a mucky bottom. Maybe you’ve raked, cut and pulled weeds, or shoveled muck, only to have them return with a vengeance. Maybe you’ve hired mercenaries to fight with harvesters or herbicides.  

You may win a battle, but you’re losing the war.

Sun Tzu tells us the best strategy is to defeat your enemy without fighting. Instead of your annual battles, simply lay a MuckMat Pro or LakeMat Pro over your lake bottom. No more fighting — you win the war — without the battle.

“Begin by seizing something your opponent holds dear.”

We know lake weeds need sunlight to grow. Aquatic weeds, like all plants, conduct photosynthesis, using the sun’s energy to make chlorophyll.

By “seizing” sunlight, (blocking it with your Mat) you deprive lake weeds of what they need. No more sun means no more lake weeds. This leads us to another Sun Tzu quote…

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night.”

If Sun Tzu had fought lake weeds he might have said, “Let your mats be dark and impenetrable as night.” The material of both LakeMat Pro and MuckMat Pro are dark (black, actually) opaque and impenetrable. For your weeds, it’s “nighty-nigh’-nigh’ forever.”

“Quickness is the essence of war.”

It takes just ten minutes to assemble and install a LakeMat Pro, a little longer for a MuckMat Pro.  Your lake weeds and muck will never see it coming. They’ll have no time to react — not that weeds can actually react, but you get the point.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

Defeated lake warriors have an arsenal of lake rakes, weed cutters, weed rollers and other weird, ineffective gizmos. 

Victorious lake warriors arm themselves with LakeMat Pros for weeds, and MuckMat Pros for muck and weeds.  The great lake fighter knows the war is won before the battle ever begins. 

”The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.”

Decide the area where you want a firm, weed-free lake bottom and whether you need MuckMat Pros or LakeMat Pros? Then, from the comfort of your temple, (or home) order your weapons, knowing your victory is assured.

“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”

Although lake weeds aren’t welcome in your beach, they’re actually vital to maintaining a healthy lake. They filter and clean your water, provide cover for fish, homes for frogs and turtles and food for waterfowl. So it’s a really good idea to leave natural and untouched, the area you’re not going to use.

Triumph over your lake weeds! Conquer your muck! But let the rest of your lakefront be a golden bridge. The fish, frogs, turtles and your lake will appreciate it.


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