LakeMats or LakeMat Pros — Is there a difference?

LakeMats or LakeMat Pros — Is there a difference?

The short answer is: There’s no difference now — but there used to be.

We began marketing Original LakeMats commercially in 2009. They had steel weight sewn in them and could be rolled up for shipping. Customers unrolled LakeMats and put them in their lakes. They worked great, but getting them to lay square on the bottom could be challenging in deeper water.

In 2011, I developed a perimeter frame system, with steel tubing that fits into pockets sewn all four sides. It holds the Mat square and firmly on the lake bottom.

We called this new version, LakeMat Pro.

Both got rid of lake weeds, but the LakeMat Pro was easier to install and move around. 

The same with MuckMats. The perimeter frame version became MuckMat Pro and the older version we called the Original MuckMat. We stopped making the Original versions in 2013. 

So now they’re officially called LakeMat Pro and MuckMat Pro, but we call also them LakeMats and MuckMats for short. At our shop we call them, “Lakes and Mucks,”  as in “Hey Chris, we need six more Mucks and five more Lakes!” 

So, MuckMat Pros, MuckMats, or Mucks all mean the same thing, same goes for LakeMat Pros, LakeMats and Lakes.

We don’t call them weed mats, water mats, water weed mats, mud mats, seaweed mats, lake tarps, lake bottom mats, lake weed control mats, weed killer mats, lake screen mats, lakebed screens or Lakebed Duvets… 

Whatever you call them, all our Mats are 100% guaranteed effective. They’re quick and easy to install, affordable and safe, no toxic chemicals, no raking or pulling weeds. And with MuckMat Pro you and your friends will never sink in muck again.

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