Lacey Mats 10-Year Guarantee

Lacey Mats 10-Year Guarantee

Covering all materials and workmanship on our Mats for ten (10) years when maintained and used as intended.

Lacey, Inc. will replace any defective parts, up to and including your entire Mat.

Why 10 Years? 

Because we want you to be as confident in our products as we are.

In the lake weed control business, there are very few guaranteed products. We thought we’d be different and actually promise you our products work as advertised and are built to last. 

All our Mats are made of the finest geotextile materials and triple-stitched pocket corners. Our patented steel framing is aluminum coated to inhibit oxidation.

MuckMat Pros and the Boatlift Mat & DockMat series are unique. There is no competition, there’s nothing else made to support weight on mucky lake bottoms. 

As far as we know, no one else has a 10-year warranty, many products don’t even mention a guarantee. We think it’s important to stand behind what we make.

If you ever have any issue with your Lacey Mat, contact us at 616 293-9101 or email  

Thank you for being our customer.

There’s very little that can happen to your Mat as long as you perform basic maintenance on it and don’t try to move it with a motorized vehicle.

You may void your warranty if you:

  1. Fail to maintain your Mat. If it isn’t cleaned, your Mat will become too heavy to move and weeds will eventually take root in the silt on top of it. See “Simple 5-Minute Cleaning Method” below.
  2. LakeMat Pros should be moved every four weeks during the growing season. Moving your LakeMat Pro reveals a clear, weed-free lakebed, plus moving it through the water washes a lot of sediment off your Mat.  If you haven’t moved it regularly, See “Simple 5-Minute Cleaning Method” below.
  3. Use excessive force to move your Mat. A Mat should be easily moveable by two people. If it isn’t, it needs to have excess weight removed first, by cleaning it. If you attempt to move your Mat without cleaning off excessive weight, or move it with a vehicle, winch, a boat or your weight-lifting buddies — you will bend your frame.** 

**Just a half-inch of wet sediment on an XL size Mat weighs 2,000 lbs on shore— (1,000 lbs in water). Your frame is not meant to pull 2,000 pounds.

Refunds for unused Mats, still in the box

Complete refunds will be issued for unused Mats still in the box, returned within 90 days from date of purchase. A 50% refund is issued for unused Mats, still in the box, returned between 91 and 120 days. Mats cannot be refunded after 120 days. Customer is responsible for return shipping.

Weird things to watch out for

The “biggest” enemy of your Mat is a combination of beer and your brother-in-law driving your boat. He barely misses your dock, runs you boat ashore and the prop chews up your Mat. This has happened three times (that we know of). 

The biggest danger to Boatlift Mats is installer crews that prefer to drag lifts in and out instead of carrying or floating or rolling them. If this sounds like your installers, remind them you’d prefer they not mess up your lift or your Mat.

We once replaced a Mat after a “drunken total stranger” ran his boat aground over a MuckMat Pro. But, if the “drunken total stranger” turns out to actually be your brother-in-law, tell him he has to buy you a new Mat. And don’t let him drive your boat anymore. 

Two customers had their Mats (and their docks) hit by weed harvesters who obviously needed driving lessons. Watch out for these guys.

Ice once moved a LakeMat Pro. Just once. The customer left it in water about 8-inches deep. It only moved about a foot — but in theory, it could’ve been worse. If you leave your Mat in your lake over the winter, make sure it’s in water about 2-feet deep so ice can’t form around it.

Weeds On — Weeds Off

We can only eliminate weeds under your Mat - not weeds that land on top.

Two common lake “weeds” can appear to grow through a Mat. They’re not growing through it — they’re just sitting on it. Milfoil is an invasive rooted plant that can live six months without touching soil. Chara is an “algae” (it looks like a weed, but it isn’t). If you stand in one spot long enough, chara will appear to grow on you, too.

Unless you never clean it, chara and milfoil don’t grow through your Mat, they sit on it. They’re not rooted, they’ll slide off easily, using the simple 5-minute cleaning method.

Move your LakeMat Pro, (after about four weeks) and you’ll see your clear, weed-free lake bottom because: Science. Plants need light to live. No light = no weeds. 

The simple 5-minute cleaning method

The following 150 words can be summed up in 3 words: “CLEAN YOUR MAT

Cleaning your Mat takes about 5 minutes. Just do it — or hire a neighbor kid to do it.  If you don’t have five extra minutes once a month for this, you’re too busy. 

Cleaning your Mat is simple — right on your lake bottom — sweep it off with a push broom, squeegee, or use a “lake rake” turned upside down. If you have thicker sediment — use a “lake rake” turned upside down, or a snow scoop shovel to push the sediment off like a little bulldozer, (don’t try lifting/shoveling it off, that’s working too hard).  

Cleaning a LakeMat Pro; the easiest way is simply moving it through the water to a new spot to eliminate more weeds. The act of moving it will wash sediment off — you’ll see once you do it. Or you can just sweep it off.

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