It’s Boat Lift Install Season Again

It’s Boat Lift Install Season Again

ronically, the owner of this boat hoist has a Boatlift Mat™ that works perfectly. Unfortunately, his install crew — not so much. Somehow they completely missed the Boatlift Mat. Nobody was quite sure why.

The trick is: Actually set your lift “on” the Boatlift Mat

Boatlift Mats create instant, firm support for boat lifts on soft, mucky bottoms.

At 14 feet wide and up to 24 feet long, they’re not that difficult to “hit the target” so to speak. But sometimes, things just happen, I guess.

After deliberating for some time on what to do next, the crew went and found a wench somewhere, attached it to a neighbor’s tree and managed to pull the lift out of the muck and finally got it installed correctly, (more or less).

Here’s hoping this guy’s install crew has better luck this year.

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