The More Weeds You Rake - The More Weeds You'll Make!

The More Weeds You Rake - The More Weeds You'll Make!

 Before you buy a lake weed rake or pond weed cutter — Read This!

Cutting and Raking Lake Weeds Does More Harm Than Good

Maintaining a pristine lake or pond is a priority for most waterfront property owners. However, the traditional methods of weed control—such as cutting and raking—are not as effective as they might seem. In fact, these practices make the problem worse rather than solving it. The truth is, raking and cutting lake weeds only makes more weeds. Here’s how that happens..

1. Fragmentation Reproduction

The big drawback of cutting and raking aquatic weeds is “fragmentation reproduction.” When weeds are physically disturbed by raking and cutting, hundreds of small fragments break off. These fragments disperse and establish new weed colonies, leading to the spread of the weed population. Your good intentions to remove weeds actually results in the proliferation of many more and thicker weed colonies.

2. Labor-Intensive and Messy

Additionally, cutting and raking lake weeds is a very labor-intensive and messy process. It’s manual labor time-consuming and physically demanding manual labor. Furthermore, the process stirs up sediment and disturbs the ecosystem.

Does spending all that time and effort only to make more weeds, make sense?

A Far Better Solution: LakeMats

Fortunately, there's a far more effective and environmentally friendly solution: LakeMats. LakeMats’ innovative design blocks sunlight and prevents photosynthesis. Light deprivation eliminates aquatic weeds. Unlike cutting and raking, which promotes fragmentation reproduction, LakeMats offer a proactive approach to weed control that addresses the root cause of the problem.

Advantages of LakeMats:

  • Prevent Fragmentation: By blocking sunlight and preventing weed growth, LakeMats eliminate the need for cutting and raking, preventing fragmentation reproduction and the spread of weeds.
  • Easy Installation: Installing LakeMats is quick and straightforward. They are easily deployed (in about 15 minutes) and anchored to the lake bottom, providing immediate weed control without the need for extensive labor or equipment.
  • Long-Term Effectiveness: Once in place, LakeMats provide long-term weed control, allowing property owners to enjoy a weed-free lake or pond with minimal maintenance.

While cutting and raking lake your weeds may seem like a logical approach to aquatic weed control — it only serves to create more weeds.

Labor-intensive, time-consuming raking and cutting that creates more weeds is counter productive. Instead, consider LakeMats.  They’re guaranteed 100% effective, much easier, and the most environmentally friendly solution to control your lake weeds. 


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